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"I'm surprised Taylor Karin is not on the so-called "A list."

"The actors make it interesting. The principal actors, Ignacyo Matynia, Taylor Karin, and Cliff Lobruto, are excellent...I'm surprised Taylor Karin is not on the so-called 'A list.' She has a smile that really lights up [a scene.]"​

- IMDb review for 'A Good Cop'

"The two leads, Connor Hough and Taylor Karin, were picked out of hundreds of hopefuls to be in the film."

Produced by Compassion Entertainment, this cautionary tale is important viewing for everyone curious about how IP theft works and how devastating it can be.

- NTD Television

"Karin takes the role of Belle with a fresh perspective...

"After each and every show, you can find Karin walking through the crowd, talking with and hugging children. [She] greets each child who wishes to meet Princess Belle, and makes a personal connection with them..."

                            - EDGE Magazine, Rose Correll

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Her performance is storybook perfect. Karin’s Belle is spunky, resilient, smart and kind. (The 7-year-old guest all but swooned.) Then there is her voice, which is a perfect match for all the iconic songs."

- Seacoast Online

"Taylor Karin is lovely as Belle. 
"Karin is every bit the kind, intelligent Princess...

"She recognizes that every child is different, so she tries to match their personality while creating a special moment for them. From idolizing Belle herself as a child, to playing her on the Prescott Park Stage, [Taylor] Karin is every bit the kind, intelligent Princess that she portrays."


                            - EDGE Magazine, Rose Correll


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Taylor on a Q&A panel with producers and creators of the feature film "Departure", at it's premiere viewing in Austin, Texas.

"Her wonder and amazement is charming and infectious...

"Taylor Karin as Miranda, Prospero’s daughter, [is] as sweet but far luckier than The Bard’s doomed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Karin marvelously portrays the girl who has encountered no other human being but her father since she was 3. Her wonder and amazement is charming and infectious.​"

- Bangor Daily News, Judy Harrison

"A strong performance and a powerful voice...

"The talent continues with Taylor Karin as Holly...bringing [a strong performance and a powerful voice] to the stage."

- Edge Magazine, Jeanne McCartin

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