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I'm Taylor (Tay, TT, Tay-Tay, pick your poison.) I'm a Film/TV and Theatre actor known for network television series A Good Cop, and the award-winning short film Fourth of July.


I recently wrote, directed, produced, acted in and edited the pilot Overstimulated, which is now an official selection at the leading international television festival 'SeriesFest' (in partnership with Shondaland) and in competition with ten other pilots for Best Dramatic Pilot. You'll find more info on that project below- I'm a maker, mover, and shaker, baby! (Shaker because I have low iron levels and anxiety.)

I'm an animal lover, an earth advocate, and I love roller skating, physically fighting my friends, and confessing meaningless secrets (example: I regularly pretend to like almonds). I love collaborating, so I'm really excited that you're here. I work really hard, and I'm good at what I do.


Some causes important to me are redistributions of resources to help end socioeconomic inequality (community service to others and mutual aid specifically), gun/justice reform, and intersectional feminism. I'm also a sucker for exposed brick! But aren't we all.


Alright, folks. That's all I got. Til next time. Kisses! 🦆


an independent pilot

A neurodivergent woman moves to a new city, leaning on her maladaptive daydreaming to avoid what brought her there.

Overstimulated is a pilot about the the desire for intimacy, the pervasiveness of trauma, the complexities of neurodiversity, and what happens when they all intersect.

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Taylor is represented by:


Anthony Leones

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